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Industrial resistors high overloading performing, strong and non-flammable; high insulation power and dissipation capacity.
External protection of ceramic cemented lining, resistive component wire in Ni-Cr league or twisted constantan on a cylindrical ceramic support.
According to the model and Ohm value, resistors can be produced with different terminations.

Adjustable model BMR-A allows to adjust values through a sliding collar.

Electrical features:

Standard tolerance 10 %
Temperature < 100 ppm / C >
Insulation resistance 100 Mohm (500 Vdc)
Max operating temperature 350 C

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Warranty: faulty products must be returned to the supplier. Only after warranty recognition products will be replaced and all shipping costs will be on seller charge. Warranty does not cover any claim for damages, lost profits or loss of production.