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Disc Type Ceramic RF High Power Capacitor, are designed for demanding industrial high voltage applications.
They may be used in laser power supplies, induction heating, high voltage power supplies, surge suppressors, and filters.
The capacitors are frequently found in X-ray, MRI, welders, electrostatic applications, and plasma cutting equipment.
Voltage ratings from 10 KVDC to 45 KVDC are available with capacitance to 6000 pF.
The capacitors are epoxy encapsulated, and compact in size.
Important to this design of capacitor is its excellent temperature performance providing minimum capacitance change over large temperature ranges.

Material Characteristics

Typical Dissipation Factor @ 1MHz for C<1000pF:≤ 5 x10-4
Typical Dissipation Factor @ 1kHz for C>=1000pF:≤10x10-4
EIA Category:N750
Insulation resistance:1013 ohm
Temperature Range:-55 to +95 C
Maximum Relative Humidity:75%